Outlet devices


At Gomibo, you will find a wide range of outlet products, such as outlet devices, outlet smartwatches, and outlet earbuds. These are products that have been returned or exchanged by a customer, for example because the customer wanted a different colour after all. We have checked the condition of the outlet model for you, so you know exactly what you can expect.

What is an outlet product?

An outlet product is a product that was previously ordered by a customer, but that has been returned. Since the product has already been with a customer, we can no longer sell these products as new. That is why we give them a second chance as an outlet product.

Because not all products are returned in the same condition, we have divided outlet products into four different categories. This way, you know exactly what to expect when you choose an outlet product. The categories are categorised as follows:

  • As new
    Outlet products from the 'As new' category, as the name suggests, look brand new. This means that these products can pass for a new product, but have been reduced in price. This could be because the product was cancelled by the customer, for example, but the box or an accessory is no longer in mint condition or missing.
  • Very good
    Outlet products that are categorised as 'Very good' have a few slight signs of use. This could include small scratches on the display or casing, for example, which you can hardly notice with the naked eye. These are traces of use that are normal when you use a product. Of course, these products do function like a new product.
  • Good
    Outlet products that are categorised as 'Good' contain slight traces of use on the display and/or casing. These traces of use, such as scratches or dents, are visible to the naked eye but do not affect the functioning of your product. In other words, the product functions like a new product.
  • Used
    With outlet products from the 'Used' category, it is clear that the product has been used before. The product functions completely fine otherwise, but has strong signs of use. For this reason, products from this category are often heavily reduced in price compared to new products.

The more the product has been used, the lower the price of the product becomes. So, are you not that bothered by signs of use, for example because you know that you quickly make them yourself on your own product? Then it may very well be a good idea to buy an outlet product instead of a new one!

Advantages of an outlet product

Buying an outlet product has a number of advantages. The first is that outlet products are obviously cheaper than completely new products. Secondly, by buying an outlet product you ensure that a product is given a second chance. So, you are also doing something sustainable!

Price difference

Buying an outlet product often saves you a lot of money, without sacrificing quality. Outlet products function exactly the same as brand new products. The only difference is that some signs of use may be visible on the outside, depending on the type of outlet product you choose.


By choosing an outlet product, you are making a sustainable choice. After all, outlet products can no longer be sold as new products. By buying an outlet product, you ensure that the product still gets a second chance. And that is good for the environment, because no new product has to be produced!

The same warranty as you are used to from Gomibo

As with all other products, you can also count on a 2-year warranty from Gomibo for outlet products. These 2 years start the moment the product is delivered.

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